My name is Arali West (pronounced r – a – LEE) and I’m a Nicaraguan native residing in Southern California. I take pleasure in simple things like drinking coffee, listening to music, touring museums, being in nature or cooking a great meal. I find enjoyment out of self-expression through art, music, photography and more.

I have 8+ years experience in graphic design and photography and 5+ years in social media marketing. With a degree in communications and graphic design, I find joy in all things creative - I will gladly discuss with you typography, depth of field and how to correctly pronounce “GIF”.

In addition to the daily grind, I’m very active in church functions & an advocate for healthy living. Christ is at the top of my priorities! Amongst all these things, I always find time for my husband Jonathan and our newest addition to the family, baby River. Learn More →

As a entrepreneur, I’ve created my own swim brand which hit Ross Stores in summer 2017 and now working on my own greeting card co. called Indie Plum!

I’m always excited to share work and document daily life, but enough about me! Drop a line or email to say hello.

Weapon of choice: Canon 5D Mark II, 85mm & iMac

P A S T  +  P R E S E N T   P A R T N E R S