5 Reason to Shoot Film Over Digital

Although the price of film and processing can be hefty, so can the cost of digital be! In the beginning, photographing often is necessary to learning but once you feel comfortable with the process, photographing less trains your eye to thinking thoroughly of the photo you want to capture. That is one reason I'm continuing to stick to film in the future :) here are a few more reasons (if I haven't changed your mind already)...

  1. It takes less time to edit photos because they are natural "filters" (easiest way to describe) naturally created by the type of film you use. You can get any type of film depending on the style you like best. All the filters you see on Lightroom, Aperture, phone apps and others are meant to emulate what film does.
  2. Like I mentioned prior, being cautious about the type of photo you want to take makes you a better photographer! It makes us think a little harder of the composition, lighting and structure of your photo due to your limit of photographs.
  3. Film doesn't need to get any better. I use an older camera that my husband gave me  I can use it right now instead of waiting around for years until digital works out the bugs.  Film has incredible color richness and depth you can't deny. After photographing with digital for many years, I can see a huge difference between the two.
  4. At this time, no digital image is going to last longer than human civilization, especially not when they can't even make CD's that are guaranteed to last decades. Hardware tends to break down easier. If you preserve your film, it was last a lifetime and you can blow up your images to any size you want without distorting the pixels.
  5. Once we get into 120 and 220 film, digital can not claim the resolution advantage the same.  The larger the format, the even better the quality is. If you can afford (and want to buy me one) a TLR, a Kiev, and/or Hasselblad is worth the price and quality.

Both images photographed in Oregon, 2014 with Kodak Portra 400 film and Canon Elan 7,  35mm camera. More on why you should shoot film - 120 Studio

Our Infamous Teardrop Trailer in Joshua Tree

You know those moments when you want to get away but don't want to pay the hotel fees? Well friends, that's why we created the infamous Teardrop Trailer! We've realized how close we are to some of the best destinations like Lake Arrowhead (where we wed), Big Bear, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs and many others! This is our home away from home (on wheels)! Shows you just how creative we can really get ;)

Our first trip out with the Teardrop Trailer was infamous! We camped, hiked, spent the night under the stars and met a group of actual "cowboys" in Pioneertown. We still have work left on the teardrop (yet to be named) but it was fun seeing it in the wild...